Welcome to My Universe!

Hello there, and a heartfelt welcome!

Many of you may know me as S.L. Fon, under which I debuted with a novella, 'The Secrets,' in 2019. Today, I'm excited to reintroduce it under my new name, with a fresh title - 'Buried Secrets' - and a new cover. This revised and expanded edition stays true to the original story while weaving in insightful feedback from my readers.

Following this, 'Living Secrets,' the first book in the Mirror Estate series, promises a journey filled with mystery and adventure. The anticipation continues with 'Forgotten Secrets,' the series' second installment, set for pre-order this Fall and a Spring release.

For the cat enthusiasts among you, I have a special announcement. I'm working on a dedicated store section for delightful cat merchandise – coming soon!

This website provides a glimpse into my creative process and the imaginative worlds I've created. You’re welcome to leave your reviews on books, and I look forward to hearing your thoughts on my works.

So, come along, explore the secrets of the Mirror Estate, and let's embark on this literary journey together. Welcome to the reimagined world of S.F. Baumgartner!


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